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IBM Research – Haifa

The Research Lab in Haifa is IBM’s biggest research center outside the US and has a long history in R&D projects, among which several in the areas of active management and information retrieval. The IBM Research-Haifa Social Technologies group has been dealing with research related to social application mining and analysis for several years. One of the main projects, SaND, is about social analytics and part of the technologies developed in this project has been productized as part of Lotus Connections. The research team works closely with Lotus Connections and the development of community analysis tools is a key contribution to the development of current research areas. The shifting focus of analysis from individuals to communities is a key element of future research. Lotus Connections social software suite is Community centric and contains 8 major components: Communities, Blogs, Wikis, People (directory), Files, Activities, Social Bookmarks and Social Search. Lotus Connections is used not only in customer deployments but also by IBM itself. IBM’s TAP (Technology Adoption Program) deployment is a testbed for new software applications with 520,000 registered Lotus Connections users comprising IBM employees and business partners. IBM’s DeveloperWorks also uses the Lotus Connections technology to host “My DeveloperWorks” which sees 3 million visits per month. IBM.COM is also using Lotus Connections to support social collaboration (product support, sales support, marketing campaigns and events etc) and it sees 3.5 million visitors per day. This technology is also the fastest selling product in the history of IBM software group with millions of users at large corporations worldwide.

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