National University of Ireland, Galway

Digital Enterprise Research Institute

The Digital Enterprise Research Institute (DERI) at the National University of Ireland Galway (est. 1845), is a leading Web research institute, employing 130 people, executing an innovative research and graduate education agenda through multi-disciplinary collaborations within NUI Galway and with other national and international research institutions. DERI has over 100 national and international project partners has acted as a coordinator and a partner in several other EU FP6 & FP7 projects such as DIP, Knowledge Web, TripCom, NEPOMUK, OKKAM and FAST. DERI is a leading contributor to emerging standards such as SIOC and XSPARQL. It co-organised the 2005 International Semantic Web Conference, which was held in Galway, and a workshop on FOAF, social networks and the Semantic Web in 2004

NUIG is fully committed to the realisation of the objective of the ROBUST project. NUIG focuses most of its research and development efforts on Community Analysis and Community Data Management. The Unit for Information Mining and Retrieval (UIMR), led by Dr. Conor Hayes, plays a key part of DERI’s Web Science agenda, which focuses on analysing the topology, dynamics, content and user behaviour of the Web and the impact of underlying algorithms, protocols and architectures, designing and evaluating engineering innovations for its future and ensuring its continuing benefit to various aspects of human society. In 2009 the UIMR was awarded a strategic research grant (CLIQUE) from Science Foundation Ireland allowing it to expand its research expertise in dynamic network analysis with focus on social and collaborative networks.  

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