Polecat is a software company that designs, develops and distributes software solutions to corporate clients. Polecat's flagship product, MeaningMine, is used by senior business decision makers to derive actionable business intelligence from unstructured data in the public domain (news, articles, blogs and social media). Polecat's headquarters are in Dublin, Ireland and the company is also strongly represented in the UK with an office in London. 

Polecat was founded in April 2007 by two Microsoft UK Board executives, Bronwyn Kunhardt and James Lawn. The first two advisors to join POLECAT’s Advisory Board were Professor Anthony Finkelstein (Professor of Software Systems Engineering & Head of Department of Computer Science, University College London) and Professor Pádraig Cunningham (Professor of Knowledge and Data Engineering in the School of Computer Science and Informatics, University College Dublin). Polecat is actively engaged on research into, and commercialisation of, semantic technologies with both University College London and University College Dublin. Polecat has also worked closely with BT’s Open Source research team (BT Osmosoft) on a prototype to derive benchmarks of online community health in terms of usage of the community and healthy language - correlating these benchmarks to the desired outputs of the community.

Polecat will be the leader of the Public domain use case, which is focused on providing ROBUST with access to unstructured data mined from 1.4 million relevant, up-to-the minute, far-reaching News and Social Media posts every day – together with a suite of lexical capabilities and a visualisation suite to find structure in the data (topics, themes, influencers, events, people, places, etc). Polecat will also provide ROBUST with psychographic profiling of community owners and community members to surface motivations, explicit and implicit signifiers of success, influence patterns, leadership and roles. Furthermore, Polecat will provide ROBUST with the means to codify the psychographic profiles through machine-learning, text analytics and sentiment algorithms for ongoing measurement. Finally, Polecat will provide ROBUST with the means to correlate “soft” signifiers with “hard’ signifiers through the creation of a two monitoring tools: a graphic equaliser for community owners to track healthy/unhealthy behaviour against community KPIs and a metaphor-based tool for community members that implicitly encourages positive community interaction.

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