Software Mind

Software Mind S.A. is a software house, which produces and delivers software platforms for the global market. The Company offers solutions for the B2B segment in the telecommunications, financial sector and power industry. Software Mind plays a significant role in the world’s market of semantic technologies, which are to change the face of today’s information technology.

Since its foundation in 1999 the company's strategy has been aimed at focusing its operations on foreign markets. As a result, Software Mind operates not only in Poland, but mainly in the highly innovative and technologically advanced countries, including UK, Luxembourg, Germany, France, Sweden, Spain, Ireland as well as the U.S. and Columbia, clients who are demanding and require sophisticated solutions.

Software Mind, relying on innovative technologies, becomes involved in the development of semantic technologies and Web 3.0. The Company actively participates in research and development work and leads projects with partners from Western Europe, which enables it to develop strong competency and products used in commercial installations. The Company's unique value is its high competencies in the area of semantic technologies, developed together with world-renowned experts from the Universities of Southampton and Sheffield. In cooperation with its partners from Great Britain Software Mind has developed one of the biggest commercial applications of the Semantic Web technology.

As a leader of the Agile Development and Platform Integration, Software Mind focuses on designing overall system (platform) architecture, integrating system components prepared by the other work packages into one stable and coherent platform, exposing all required platform functionalities to the use-cases. All the platform and components development will be performed using of one of the agile development methodologies adopted on the consortium level and adapted to the distributed project environment.

Experience and competency that characterizes Software Mind fits well into the role that it is to play in Consortium. In view of challenges that are in front of ROBUST project one should take into consideration not only Software Mind’s significant experience in creating architectural solutions which are especially designed for undertakings requiring processing of a large amount of data and transactional systems, but also vast knowledge regarding issues connected with risk management, recommendation systems and collaborative social software. Knowledge of different agile methodologies allows to chose the most suitable way of managing of integration processes that are created by particular Consortium Partners. As far as the aims of the Project and technologies planned are concerned one should pay specific attention to Software Mind’s experience in large volume projects using Hadoop (Garlik UK), transactional systems processing millions of transactions (GTECH US/Poland), or ETL solutions running on TB data collection (MACH Luxembourg).


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