TEMIS is a software company designing, developing and distributing corporate Text Mining solutions. TEMIS was founded in September 2000 by a team of managers, researchers and consultants from IBM, who had previously developed and distributed IBM Text Mining solutions worldwide. TEMIS solutions enable corporations to efficiently transform large, unstructured document collections into business critical knowledge. TEMIS’ headquarters are in Paris, France and the company is represented with offices in Heidelberg, Germany, Philadelphia, USA and Grenoble, France. TEMIS currently employs 66 people in all its locations.

TEMIS has in the past been part of a number of EU-funded research projects such as WISPER, AMME, and FlagShip. Among the list of TEMIS clients there are large organisations such as Agence France-Presse (AFP), BASF, Bayer Schering Pharma, Boehringer Ingelheim, Elsevier, Europol, Interone Worldwide, Merck, the Nature Publishing Group, Roche, Springer Science+Business Media and Thomson Reuters.

The TEMIS expertise in analysing unstructured textual content and extracting information from it plays a central role in the ROBUST project where such content from online business communities is to be analysed and turned into actionable knowledge. The TEMIS involvement in ROBUST draws upon a number of aspects of the TEMIS approach that benefit the project objectives:

The TEMIS approach employs analysis components called « Skill Cartridges » that allow targeting the Luxid software towards dedicated scenarios. Skill Cartridges can define complex lexical and rule-based knowledge together with task-specific functionality. They have been shown to allow for efficient, multilingual and accurate information analysis across a wide set of scenarios.

The TEMIS software by embracing the UIMA-protocol natively provides scalability: An installed Luxid system can be scaled up simply by registering new CPUs to the server and will then transparently handle dispatching tasks to the available resources. The software offers among other things a well-documented Web service interface that facilitates the integration of the TEMIS approach into new environments.

The TEMIS involvement at ROBUST comprises the following aspects:

  • Study of the available content in the targeted online forums

  • Definition of desired aspects of automatic enrichment and derived structure on this content

  • Design and implementation of the respective analysis components

  • Contribute to the integration of the TEMIS software into the ROBUST environment

  • Investigate potential and requirements for a reusable, market-ready offering based on the ROBUST results

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