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Knowledge Media Institute

The Knowledge Media Institute at the Open University was set up in 1995 in recognition of the need for the Open University to be at the forefront of research and development in a convergence of areas that impacted on the Open University's very nature: Cognitive and Learning Sciences, Artificial Intelligence and Semantic Technologies, and Multimedia. We chose to call this convergence Knowledge Media. Knowledge Media is about the processes of generating, understanding and sharing knowledge using several different media, as well as understanding how the use of different media shape these processes. Our research is aligned with a number of broad strategic threads, currently Future Internet, Knowledge Management, Multimedia & Information Systems, Narrative Hypermedia, New Media Systems, Semantic Web & Knowledge Services and Social Software.

The Open University will be the leader of the work on Community Polity and Politics, which is focused on semantically modelling the needs of community users and hosts, building measures to track and monitor behaviour of users, and identifying and influencing technical and political parameters in communities. OU will also share its expertise in cross-folksonomy modelling and analysis, and sentiment analysis and topic tracking in the work on Community Analysis.  

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