University of Koblenz

Institute for Web Science and Technologies

The computer science department at the University of Koblenz has a track record of teaching and research in informatics for over 25 years and currently about 1200 students enrolled in its programmes. The computer science department at the University of Koblenz comprises 20 tenured professors. The institute for computer science includes 10 professors (Furbach, Beckert, Ebert, Lämmel, Rosendahl, Steigner, Zöbel, Staab, Sure, Lautenbach) teaching and researching in the core areas of computer science. In particular, there is intensive research in the areas of Semantic Web, knowledge-based systems and reasoning (Prof.s Beckert, Furbach, Staab, Sure). In ROBUST the Web Science and Technology (WeST) Institute is participating.

WeST includes 25 researchers, 5 external PhD students, and over 15 student members, and offers expertise in knowledge management, Web engineering, analysis of Social Media, Web Science, and multimedia analysis. Since 2004, WeST (resp. its predecessor lab - ISWeb) has successfully participated in 11 EU and nationally funded projects.

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